Nearly Nine For Paul

When Paul Kennedy, 38, finished Uni in 2002 he found himself in a position familiar to many of us; he still wasn’t sure which career he should pursue. Paul takes up the story:

When I graduated from Northumbria Uni in 2002, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I knew I needed to make mind up pretty fast as I had a baby boy on the way! Impending fatherhood made me grow up quickly and I almost fell into the role of Trainee Sales Executive at a Peugeot dealership.

Whilst I wasn’t treading a carefully chosen career path, I found I liked the job; I was good at it; I liked being part of a team; I enjoyed talking to all sorts of different customers; the fact every day was different. It seemed that by accident I’d found the career that suited me and that allowed me to support my family.

When the recession hit in 2008, I wasn’t daunted, my mantra was there’s no recession at my desk; unfortunately the dealership as a whole was struggling, so I made the decision to move to Crewe Volkswagen and I’ve never looked back!

In my first month, with the support of the team, I sold 15 cars in 15 days; I shocked myself and realised I’d found the right place for me.

Paul Kennedy

I’ve always been rather apprehensive about change, I think a lot of people are, but this was definitely the right change for me.I’ve increased my confidence, widened my skill set and like the family feel of working for Swansway.

It’s hard to believe, that my baby boy, Reiss, who started all this off is now 15 years old and that I’ll soon have been at Crewe Volkswagen for 9 years!