Work Placement at Swansway by Ewan Morton

When I first came to Swansway I felt nervous and also slightly unsure, as I’m sure everyone does when they start their work placement.

I was unsure, because I didn’t know exactly what I was going to be doing, what the team I was going to be working with was like and whether I would fit in, but, after all those nerves, it only took a short amount of time for me to feel welcome and settled.

I really appreciated how the team spent their time to help and support me and also took time to answer any of my questions. At Swansway I found that every day was different; I’ve completed different tasks, from editing a video to helping make up goodie bags.

The team never took advantage of me and never used me just to go get them a cup of tea! And I know some friends who have ended up as tea-makers! They wanted me to be involved in every task possible and that gave me a real feel for marketing.

During my work experience I’ve gained confidence in a professional environment, found out about specific job roles and careers and worked with the people who are actually doing these jobs.

I enjoyed my week, lost my nerves and learnt loads, so it was definitely a positive experience for me.