My first 6 months at Swansway

In my 4 years living in sunny Crewe, I’ve been searching for ‘my job’, the role that was made for me and me for it; until I joined Swansway I was searching for the Mr Right of jobs, with little success.

So in April 2015, I found myself taking a leap of faith and applying for a Sales Executive role at Swansway’s Crewe SEAT centre. I’ve always been a people person, I’m a Blackpool lass, born and bred, so once you get me talking, there’s no stopping me! I didn’t think I had a chance of getting the job; apart from answering the odd phone call when I worked at Blue Bell and actually passing my driving test (at the fourth attempt), I knew very little about cars; I felt I could talk the talk, but as for walk the walk…I could barely balance in my stilettoes!

I was thrilled when I received the ‘we’d like to invite you down to an interview’ email; thrilled! I carefully chose my outfit, strutted my stuff into the dealership ready for the interview; ‘We’ll give you all the training you need, don’t worry. We’re with you each step of the way.’ It went so well I couldn’t believe it.

The job was mine!

Notebook at the ready, I spent my time with the sales team writing down word for word their advice. A few months in and then came the time to really get down to business – my first customer! Nervous, I rang for reinforcements and Paul came out to save me. Life saver – I don’t know where I would have been without him.

Month three and I was still at the teething stage; I could sell myself as a laugh and a giddy Blackpool lass, but selling an £18,000 car…I froze. Month four, the days were getting tougher and by month five and I knew what I should do, I hadn’t found ‘my job’ after all.

Out of curiosity, I took a look on the vacancies page for Swansway Group. As I scrolled down, there it was, jumping out at me, ‘Social Media Marketing Executive’ I felt that fate was lending a hand. I read up on the role and set my heart on it straight away; overseeing social accounts, taking part in the planning and reinforcing of creative campaign plans, video content scheduling and filming – as a girl with a degree in Film & TV and a creative background, the role seemed to be calling my name; at last, this was ‘my job’!

I was so nervous about speaking to my managers, they’d been so supportive, really trying to help me with my role; I didn’t want to come across negatively, or as if I wasn’t grateful – after all, if it hadn’t have been for Andy and Luc, I wouldn’t have become the person I am. They taught me so much, and helped me overcome the obstacles I faced, they were so supportive and positive, it was a wonderful feeling. This was the first time I’d ever felt so encouraged in a job role.

Interview day; Anna and Emma were waiting for me and rather than unsure or nervous, I felt so comfortable with them; I found myself nattering away, cracking jokes (not the best) and genuinely enjoying myself. I presented my interview task and myself as a potential candidate. The hour flew by and I knew that once I left the office, I’d just want to run straight back in and get behind a desk!

A few hours later and my phone rings, ‘we’d like to offer you the job.’

I was so elated I think I nearly burst Anna’s eardrum with my screaming! I accepted, and was due to start in the next week.

My final day came at SEAT and I walked into the office to be greeted with a huge bouquet of pink flowers, chocolates and prosecco. Every staff member was there, it meant so much to me, their thoughtfulness was just perfect. Supported, knowing my colleagues really cared for me and wished me every success I took my final steps out of the door.

Monday morning. Day one in Marketing.

My desk, which Anna had sent me a photo of, was ready and waiting. Stationary, notepads, business cards, the works. I was so excited! Straight away I knew I was going to love being part of this team!

They were all fabulous. Day one and I was introduced to the systems, the accounts and the team; by week two and I was working on my own tasks. Month two and I was flying! What really got me with this team was that if I was struggling with something, then they’d never take it off my hands and do it for me. Instead, they’d show me how it’s done. They taught me.

Nothing was ever too much trouble; everyone made time for everyone, and we all genuinely wanted to help one another. Whether it was how to upload a photo to a website, or how to plan an entire event! They say it’s the little things that count, and this team never let the little, big, or massive things go amiss.

Month six and I’m wondering where the time has gone. I feel so comfortable with the marketing team that it genuinely makes me smile. Where would I be without them?

Today comes the review. What I’ve delivered for the company in the past six months and the end of my probation period. I’ve never been so nervous… I take my time, and sip my tea trying not to spill it down my top. ‘So, relationships with the team…’

‘I can honestly say I’ve never had a job role before where I’ve felt so encouraged in everything I do or want to do. There is so much enthusiasm. If you have an idea, you’re encouraged to go for it, to make it the best your possibly can and then to see it through. I feel as though nothing is too much trouble, everyone will always make time and if I’m finding something hard I can always ask.

Managers don’t feel like managers, I feel as though I can talk to a friend and ask for support or backing. If I’m upset, angry, stressed, emotional, then it’s support all round! I feel as though it’s one for all and all for one. I felt so welcomed from my first day and each day since.’

I sign the dotted line; probation passed.

Welcome to Swansway, finally I’ve found ‘my job’.