Moving on up! Kim's first year with Swansway

Kimberley Preece, accredited Service Advisor at Crewe SEAT reflects on her first year with Swansway!

"I first started working for Swansway in November 2013 on reception at Stoke Audi. I really loved getting right into the brand, and learning all sorts of bits and pieces along the way! I had the chance to get stuck into anything - a little admin, enquiry handling and even helping out on Stoke Audi's VIP events! However, it was the insights into the service department which really caught my attention!

I loved watching the service team, and hearing their stories of being able to help customers when they were often worried and nervous about potentially costly fixes for their cars. What struck me most was how our customers would come in uncertain of what they were about to hear, but then leave having giggled and smiled away with the advisors, and feeling so comfortable!

It's a tough thing to here that your car may potentially need serious work, so the person behind the desk makes a big difference to how that news is taken. I wanted to be the one to assure our customers that I would look after their car, and that I wouldn't let them down. I've always been a people person and so I really wanted to try my hardest to make people feel at ease at a worrying time.

I worked as a receptionist for a year developing my skills before moving over to Crewe SEAT to become a Service Advisor. A year on and I am now Accredited! Looking back now it's hard to beleive how far I have come! I know my stuff! But it's not always the negatives in this job. Sometimes, it's something as small as a squeaky window - those things I can simply walk out with the customer, and fix personally (if I can!)

The main thing is having that rapport and just to feel comfortable - it really makes a difference!

There are always plenty of opportunities with Swansway where not only I can really grow and develop my career, but those around you progress as well. That's the main thing - support. As Swansway is a family run business, I can honestly say here at SEAT we are just like a family!"