Janet Has Many Facets

I started working at what was Pennine Honda, Rochdale as Receptionist/Database Manager in June 2007.

I was on the verge of being made redundant, with 320 other people, when I saw the advertisement and thought I would go for it.

I love the variety of work, no two days are the same; I thought I’d only stay for a year or so, but really enjoy working here, so here I am 10 years later! Lots of changes have happened, including the change to being part of Swansway Group, but I still think I work with the best team going.

I’ve covered everything from Administration, Accounts, Payroll, Reception to HR during my working career, but talking to people has always been my forte, so I felt at home straight away. The changeover to Swansway was not a difficult one, it was family run, friendly and everyone I needed to speak to was very helpful and approachable. Things have changed over the years, but I still like getting up in the morning and coming into work.

I am well known for my ears and mouth not working together and I regularly have Karen and Jane in Service in hysterics.

Outside of work I could write a book on my life; in the abridged version, I’ve married one man twice, married another, importing him in from Canada and then exporting him right back there. I’ve been single for the last two years and I’m enjoying it.

The loves of my life are my two children Christopher and Deborah and my four grandchildren; I also love rescue dogs and I have had four at one time. I recently lost my last beautiful dog, Lucyloo, she was 13 years old and I’ve now decided to take a sabbatical from dogs, so I can enjoy my other loves; the outdoors, holidays abroad, meeting people, and travelling.

Little known facts; I’m a non-identical twin; I was a campanologist during my teens and my Grandad was an undertaker.

Funny story; my undertaker Grandad gave my mum and I a lift home in his hearse, I was around 4 years old. Mum sat in the front and I lay down in the back, half-way home I decided to sit up and scared the motorist behind us half to death!

Janet, HR