It's Love For Leanne

I am a child of the motor trade, my lovely dad Sydney owned S. Hall Motors and back in the day he sold his Volkswagen and Audi dealerships in Crewe to L. C. Charles, the forerunner of our very own Crewe Audi and Volkswagen dealerships.

I worked in the family business until 2008, then I moved on as an Accountant in a couple of different businesses, but I missed the motor trade. In 2010 I had an interview for Fleet Admin Manager, my first interview was with Sarah Eccles, Lyndsey Button and Sarah Dyson who was the HR Manager at the time; when I heard I’d got a second interview I was mega-nervous because I knew I wanted the job.

My second interview was with Sarah Eccles again, but this time with two family members and directors, Peter and John Smyth and I was shaking with nerves. I went in and sat down and Peter and John were looking at my CV and must have seen I’d worked in my dad’s business and the brands he’d represented, suddenly, out of the blue, they both broke into song, ‘Put a Chrysler Sunbeam in Your life and it’ll put a smile upon your face’… and that was it, nerves gone!

(For those too young to know ‘Put a Chrysler Sunbeam in Your Life’ was an iconic advertising tune for the Chrysler Sunbeam by Petula Clark).

When I started in Fleet there were 9 of us, including me; now there’s nearly 40 of us and we’ve won every award going, it’s amazing what we’ve achieved, especially when I look back to my first days with Swansway.

The person previously in my role had left, but they hadn’t made things easy for me, the only details left for me were, ‘At month-end make sure everything’s invoiced. VW has to be taxed earlier than the others.’ That was it! Not a lot to go on and I have to say a massive thanks to Andy Witts at Crewe VW for helping me to decipher what I needed to know.

I love, love, love my job and the team I work with. I also will never forget the kindness of John, Peter and David Smyth when my Mum was terminal ill with MND; they told me to get my coat and bag, go home and be with my mum. I spent the last 10 days of her life by her side and for that I can’t thank them enough. 

Leanne, Accountant