Hello To Helio

It seems unbelievable that I’ve been at Swansway for 9 years; it feels like I must be working in a time machine!

I’m originally from Portugal and I come from a catering background. I’ve spent a good part of my life travelling, seven years I working on cruise ships which I loved. I was very lucky to be paid to travel, see wonderful places and meet great people along the way – it has made me the person I am; I see life through different eyes.

I started at Swansway when I applied for a job at Stafford Audi as a Web designer.

I’m self-taught and had quite a bit to learn, but Swansway didn’t hesitate and sent me on a PHP crash course down in London for a week so I could improve my skills

I really enjoy working for Swansway; I love that they really care for their employees, and that they try to make a difference by helping small communities and by encouraging their staff to support charities by offering £100 when we take part in fund-raising events. I find that very inspiring and take full advantage by running for charity whenever I can.

Swansway have made me feel very welcome, right from the beginning and never hesitated to help me, especially with my working hours, so I can have my daughter for half of the week. The Directors are very approachable and not to mention our Chairman, Michael Smyth, who always asks how my running is going - we have that same interest in common!

When I first joined Swansway I was working alone, building websites; today I’m part of a busy and growing marketing team and there’s always something going on. My role now involves building websites, general graphic design and most importantly, teaching them to speak Portuguese and cook my famous vegetarian lasagne!

I’m currently involved in the Uchoose Contracts website; I’ve built a new online system allowing them to easily manage their offers. I’m also in a process of starting to design and build the new intranet portal and helping the team with many other design requests.

Swansway has definitely helped me improve my English. Being Portuguese, I struggle a bit with understanding certain words and I have to say that everyone is really helpful; sometimes my accent, which is still really strong, makes some English words sound very different, and not in a good way! It can cause much hilarity amongst the team, whilst I just want the ground to swallow me up!

Helio Pinto, Web Developer