Fond Family Farewell

Penkridge man, Alan Dew, 65, is retiring as General Sales Manager at Stafford Land Rover, but he leaves a legacy behind, as he’s a family man in more ways than one

Firstly, he began working for family owned Swansway Motor Group when it was formed in 2004; secondly, most of his family joined him at the family owned group! Alan explained, “When I started working at Stafford Audi, everything just clicked. I enjoyed going to work, I loved the friendly, family atmosphere and you can’t ask for more than that”.

Alan enjoyed it so much that he told his children what a great place it was to work and they joined him there; son Pete is in his eleventh year as a Technician at Stafford Audi; daughter Amy, in her fifth year with Swansway, is currently Sales Administrator at Stafford Audi and previously was the Receptionist at Stafford Land Rover.

His daughter Kate was a Sales Executive at Stafford Audi, before leaving to become a full-time mum to two of Alan’s grandchildren; leaving his daughter, Victoria, as the only one of his children not to have worked for Swansway.

Alan added, “My family and the Swansway family, have been in it together since the start, so of course, waving goodbye, even with a lovely retirement to look forward to, is a bit of a wrench. There’s been so many memorable moments; the first Chairman’s Challenge flown on a private plane to La Touquet in France for the day; being the Audi R8 advocate in the run up to and launch of the car in Germany.

“Moving to Stafford Land Rover when Swansway acquired the dealership in 2012 which conveniently coincided with the launch of the new Range Rover, thus I was sent to Marrakesh for the unveiling”!

“I could go on and on, I’ve met some wonderful people and made great friends, but it’s to say a fond farewell to my second family” added Alan.

Stafford Land Rover exterior