Every Day is Different

I joined Crewe Volkswagen in 2011; I was 19 years old, straight from college where I’d been studying ICT systems development...

I know it sounds like a bit of a change to then become an apprentice sales executive, but I’ll be honest, I absolutely love cars and always have, so for me working with and surrounded by cars every day was my dream job.

The great thing for me has been the willingness to let me try out different roles within the dealership. I started as a trainee Sales Executive, but I didn’t feel the role was a good fit for me, I moved to become a Sales Support Assistant which I enjoyed and I’m now working as a Sales Admin Assistant which is great too.

I feel fortunate to have found somewhere that’s allowed me to find my niche and I really relish the fact that no two days are ever the same and everyone mucks in.

Swansway Group Head Office is just around the corner from Crewe Volkswagen, so we see quite a lot of the directors; John, Peter and David Smyth. When a Palmer Sport Race Track day came up as Chairman’s Challenge prize, the directors knew it would be a dream day for me, so invited me to go along.

It was the best day ever for me and really sums up why I like my job and working for Swansway.

Mike Pearce, Sales Executive