Doorbar's Delight!

Three years after joining Swansway John Doorbar is still delighted with his decision to join the family run team, he explained,

“I’d been with Smith Knight Fay, a family owned group, for fifteen years when they sold out to a PLC; I’m definitely not a plc person, so I knew I wanted to get back to a group that was family owned and run with shorter chain of command”.

John had already met the Smyth family on a number of occasions,

“I had a great deal of respect for the way they ran their businesses and I was sure that my management style would thrive in the family atmosphere”.

When John joined Crewe Audi, also known as ‘John Audi’ due to the number of John’s working there he began to wonder whether he’d been offered the job on his Christian name alone! He explained,

“I’ve never worked anywhere with so many other Johns; the Head of Business, Aftersales Manager, Workshop Controller, Used Car Sales Manager and one of our Service Advisors, are all called John! So, I quickly had to become Johnny D”!

John sees himself as a good mentor, trying hard to give his time to sales team members who need his support and knowledge,

“This is a role I really enjoy, I want my team to feel that they can always turn to me and that I’m genuinely looking after them”

“In the last eighteen months the size of my sales team had more than doubled, so it is a challenge to mentor them all, particularly as I have s number of trainees who are new to the car trade, on board, but I do love it”!

“I particularly enjoy the fact that Swansway is very proactive, but can also be reactive if needed; it’s that family flexibility which just isn’t there with a plc. Yes, I have an awful lot of things to juggle, but I do get a great deal of satisfaction from my work, which is just as well as my wife and boys complain they never see me”!

What does John see in his future?

“Definitely staying with the group, I hope to have the opportunity to move into a Head of Business role and prove that I can run a dealership”.

John Doorbar, Swansway employee