My First Month As Dealership Marketing Manager

Kim Ryder joined Swansway just one month ago, here’s her thoughts, four weeks into her role:

Wow! What a month!

My first month with Swansway has been an absolute whirlwind – in the nicest possible way!

My previous role was in After Sales for Mercedes-Benz UK down in Milton Keynes. I was born and brought up in Crewe and moved down to Milton Keynes after university; I did miss home and I’d been thinking about moving back for some time, but I really enjoyed my career in the automotive industry and didn’t want to give that side of me up.

When I saw the Dealership Marketing Manager role advertised I was hesitant at first, mainly because it was very different to my previous jobs. However, the more I read about the company and their culture, the more I was hooked. I loved the emphasis they put on getting people with the right attitude who are willing to learn, rather than just choosing the person with the most relevant experience.

So, with this in mind and my Dad’s words in my head (“all office jobs are marketing though aren’t they?!” Thanks Dad!) I decided to take the plunge and apply. Two hours after the world’s friendliest and most relaxing interview, I was elated, if a little speechless, when Anna Ling called to offer me the job; even if this did mean that I had to embark on a 124 mile move along with my cat, dog and incredibly accommodating fiancé!

What I love most about my new role is that every day is completely different; it means that I have learnt more in the past month, than I probably have in the last few years. Everyone is so helpful and supportive that tasks that seemed daunting at first are already becoming much easier. Being decisive hasn’t always been my strongest point, but I can feel how much my confidence has grown as I’m encouraged to give my opinions, which are genuinely valued and put into action. I love getting out and visiting the sites and finding out how I can help them to drive footfall and increase sales and it’s great seeing the results of my work.

I feel like I‘ve really found my home at Swansway and am really excited about my future with the company. To anyone who is considering a career move across industries or roles, I can say wholeheartedly that Swansway is a great company to do this with. Caring, honest and proud aren’t just words we have up on a wall; they are a way of life here.