Christopher Finds Camaraderie

Christopher Barnett celebrates his 1st anniversary at Swansway Group

My time at Swansway began as a Livechat Operative in what was then known as the Call Centre and is now more aptly named the Retailer Support Centre.

I’d been searching for jobs and saw one that looked interesting; I sent off an application but initially didn’t give it another thought, it was only when I got an interview and met the management that I realised what a friendly and interesting place this was I was delighted to be offered the job.

I enjoyed working with everyone as part of a team; it was clear how the family values of the business ran through every aspect, from its customer service, to the pride taken in the well maintained facilities.

As focus increased on aftersales, it was decided that the personnel resources in Livechat would be more effective if allocated to the brand teams in the Retailer Support Centre.

I really enjoyed the new challenge this brought; the excitement of dealing with customers in a much faster moving and ‘hands-on’ role. The camaraderie is very apparent across all positions in the Retailer Support Centre and this meant it was a job I looked forward to every day.

From May onwards I’ll be moving to a new role in the Marketing Department as CRM, (Customer Relationship Management) executive. Swansway has a history of using the talent within to its fullest and I think my keen eye for detail seems to have attracted attention (of a good sort!).

When I look back over my year at Swansway, my favourite day was definitely the Family Fun Day. Every year Swansway organises a funfair style event for its employees and their families and I have very fond memories playing the goalie in human sized table football. Even though I was terrible by any anyone’s standards, I remember everyone cheering me on regardless and I felt like I was part of a second family, the Swansway family.

Now that I’ve completed year one, I can’t wait to jump into the second! I intend fully to follow in the spirit of John F Kennedy and ask not what Swansway can do for me (as they do so much), but what I can do for Swansway! Bring it on!