By George She Did It!​

By day, Kath is a mild-mannered accountant, but to support her best friend’s son, she turned into a super-hero.​

Stafford woman Kath Bradbury, 39, took to the skies, like Superman, all for the sake of George; she explained, “George is six years old and my son’s best friend. His mother is my oldest friend and George lives with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) a life-limiting genetic condition”.

“He is a lovely lad who deals with his condition with a smile on his face, he’s quite well now, but sadly that will not always be the case; he already has lung and liver damage which will worsen unless a cure or transformational drugs can be found.

Kath added, “Money is needed for research, so I decided to do something to raise funds. I decided to challenge myself with something well out of my comforts zone in order to raise the maximum amount of money and I settled upon a sky-dive as I am not a lover of heights”!

“Because I’m an Accountant at Stafford Audi, people expect me to be little more conservative; I think this proves I’m not”! Kath continued, “Thanks to Swansway Motor Group, owners of Stafford Audi, for supporting me in this, it means a lot to me personally”.

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a genetic condition which makes the mucus in the body thicker, clogging the lungs, digestive system and other vital organs. Sadly the average life expectancy of people living with CF is just 43 years of age.

Research is taking place into various possible interventions, including gene replacement therapy, Kath commented, “We need these treatments to be available before George's lungs suffer any further irreversible damage through repeated lung infections and I just wanted to do a little something to help”.

So far Kath has raised £700 and as a group she and her friends that jumped have raised over £4000.

A woman skydiving with an instructor