Beth Parry - My week of work experience at Swansway Group

I started off very nervous and apprehensive about the week ahead and not knowing what to expect, little did I know I was not going to be sitting in the corner and occasionally making cups of tea for everyone (a very common example of what people's work experiences are like) but I would actually be getting a true taste of what it is like to be part of the “Swansway Family”. I very quickly released that I was in good hands and my time here would fly by. Not only did I enjoy all the work I was being given, it was also enjoyable just to be here as there was so many kind and friendly staff members that made me feel so welcome.

Day 1

My first day came as a bit of a culture shock as I had NOT been used to 8 hour days, ever! 8 hours of doing something that I had no experience in (apart from my GCSE and A-level course that I thoroughly enjoyed the marketing sections of) was very daunting but I quickly picked up on some of the daily tasks that the marketing team undertake. When being introduced to everyone, they were all so welcoming and were quick to offer their help if I ever needed it. I started learning how to post news updates on the Swansway website as well as schedule posts to social media accounts via the social media dashboard.

Day 2

My second day came with a few nerves still as although I was becoming familiar with what I had to do now there was still a lot left I had to learn and I was still finding my feet. My day involved some filming at Crewe Audi as well as the editing and uploading videos to YouTube which I loved doing and also some other work on Excel. Once again the day filled me with confidence that the week would continue to be enjoyable as it had been so far.

Day 3

Wednesday didn’t disappoint, whilst continuing to do some things I had learnt earlier on in the week I also did some business card style designs for the Chairman’s Vintage Afternoon Tea event that is coming up, I thoroughly enjoyed playing around with the different styles and designs until I was happy with it and was thrilled to see how much I was being included in the workplace.

Day 4

On Thursday I learnt how to control/change the digital screens in the showrooms and create a playlist of videos. I then also created a user guide on how to use the social media dashboard for future work experience placement students. I had now got the idea of how versatile the marketing team are and how one day can completely differ from the other which I loved.

Day 5

And finally, my last day of work experience. This week has gone extremely quickly and I’m actually quite sad to leave, as not once throughout this week have I felt like coming to do work experience was a chore. I have learnt so many new skills as well as a gained a new passion for all the things I have been doing throughout this week such as filming and editing videos.

I would like to thank everyone I have met throughout the week who has helped, welcomed or just spoken to me. Thank you for making my time here at Swansway Group enjoyable as well as making me feel so included. It’s definitely an experience that I won’t forget! I am very thankful to have learnt so much this week about the ins and outs of such a wonderful business. “Swansway: caring, honest and proud” This slogan undoubtedly reflects throughout their workforce and it is incredible to see so many people happy and joyful to be at work, even on a Monday!!

Swansway Group has helped me get an understanding of what I want to do when I leave college. I am very much in the mind set of one day becoming a part of a marketing team and that is all thanks to my amazing and unforgettable experience here at Swansway Group.

Once again, thank you to all. It’s been lovely meeting you all and I hope to see you all again soon!