Alison's first anniversary at Swansway

Alison joined Crewe Volkswagen as Accountants Assistant a year ago. Here are her thoughts:

Before I joined Swansway, I was a full time mum of toddlers and though I love them dearly, I could feel myself going ever so slightly insane!!

One of the first things I noticed about Swansway was that no-one needed their nappy changed and that apart from the odd salesman’s tantrum, everyone was much better behaved than I was used to!

I’ve worked for a family owned business in the past; I like the close, friendly feel and the real desire to be helpful; not so good is the kindness of colleagues sharing their tasty treats, as I’ve out on a stone since I’ve been here!

I enjoy coming to work and would really recommend working at Swansway to my friends it really is a great place to work. That said, if you put me on the spot and asked what would I like to be doing in five years time, I would love to go and help look after orphaned orangutans in Borneo.

In the meantime though I’ll start trying to turn down the biccies I’m offered and carry on enjoying my days at Swansway.