Adele Finds Friends For Life

I’d been working at Pennine Honda, Rochdale as Sales Administrator, since 2004 when the dealership was acquired by Swansway.

Stuart, my husband, also worked at Pennine Honda Rochdale, but funnily he had just moved jobs to Swansway Honda Stockport, when Swansway took over Pennine, so, we were once again both working for the same company.

After a year at Swansway Honda Rochdale I was asked to move across to the Manchester site to look after both retail and fleet sales administration. Despite the fact the dealership was very tired and due to be demolished to make way for a brand new centre, I felt right at home as soon as I walked through the door.

One of the best things about moving to the Manchester centre was meeting a simply amazing lady, Jenny Pollard, who has made me laugh to the point where I cry; she is so funny, witty and really, just Jenny, working with her is a joy.

Jenny’s 70th was so much fun and when John, David and Peter Smyth all came to the dealership to give her a present, along with some big hugs, it was truly touching. Just, one of the lovely things about working for a family business.

I’m lucky, I do truly love what I do, I enjoy coming to work, I work with lovely colleagues (no, in truth, I class them all as my friends) and I love working for Swansway and the Smyth family.

Speaking of Jenny making me laugh till I cry, I’ll share just one of her funnier moments.

I used to take Jens, (my nickname for her) to the bank on a daily basis, I never went in the bank with her, I just sat in car and waited for her to do the banking. This particular day Jens went in and, as usual, came out five minutes later.

I was still waiting in the car for her, but while she’d been in the bank, another car had parked at the side of me. I watched Jens come out of the bank, go to the car now parked at the side of me, open the door and sit in the passenger seat!

It wasn’t even a woman waiting in the driver’s seat, it was a man, waiting for his wife to come out of the bank! Jens said, to the poor unsuspecting man, “Hello, you’re not Del, I’ve sat in wrong car haven’t I”?

The guy was doubled over laughing, I couldn’t see….I was crying with laughter! We couldn’t drive off for a good ten minutes as all three of us were in fits! So funny and such fun; I do consider myself lucky to have met a friend for life.