Dent Removal treatment 

Get your lumps and bumps sorted out​

Our bodywork experts are the masters of getting your car back to looking its best, so if you've been in the wars recently our team can bring you back to life!

There are two ways to remove dents from your vehicle, standard dent removal and paintless dent removal. 

Paintless Dent Removal 

As the name would suggest this involves removing dents without re-painting the area. We would always recommend this process, where possible. The process involves massaging dents out of the body panels and is most effective on small dents such as those caused by other car doors or shopping trolleys.

If you've got a couple of dents that would like our bump buffs to take a look at the give our friendly team a call now on 01270 848973, or click the link below to enquire online. 

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Standard Dent Removal

Where it's not possible to remove a dent without needing to repaint the vehicle we will begin the precise procedure of massaging, buffing & polishing the dent out. We would then hand this to the Picasso's in the paint team to match the new paint to your existing car finish, they would then repaint the affected body panel.

Give you car's unsightly bumps the expert treatment with our team now by giving us a call on 01270 848973, or follow the link below.

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