Meet our Technicians

Let us introduce you to the technicians who work behind the scenes...


MET Technicians (Mechanical Electrical and Trim Technician)

Our MET Technicians are responsible for stripping down the vehicles at the start of a repair, as well as for any mechanical work that we carry out within the workshop. MET Technicians are then responsible for building a vehicle up at the end of the repairs, as well as carrying our 4 wheel alignments and / or adaptive cruise control calibrations. Additionally, MET Technicians carry out diagnostics using our diagnostic systems.

Panel Technicians

Responsible for removing welded on panels, fitting replacement panels and carrying out filler repairs. Panel Technicians ensure that the panels that are fitted to the vehicles line up and that the repairs are to a sufficiently high standard before the vehicle is passed to our prep technicians.

Prep Technicians

These technicians are responsible for preparing the areas of the car to be painted, by either using repair techniques to prepare panels directly for paintwork, or by applying primers to repairs, then preparing the panels for paintwork. They are then responsible for masking the vehicle correctly to prevent overspray during the paint procedure. 

Paint Technicians

Responsible for actually applying the paint within the booths - achieved by painters mixing colours using our paint mixing schemes, to ensure an accurate colour match against shades of a particular colour code. Paint Technicians must then ensure that the panels to be painted are immaculately clean before any paint is applied, to ensure that there are no imperfections within the paint. They are also responsible for carrying out any blends to the vehicle to ensure that the paintwork applied is not noticed and our repair is not visible.

Polishing Technicians

Our Polishing Technicians bring the vehicle up to a lustrous finish following painting, by sanding with ultra-fine sandpaper to even out the surface level of lacquer to reduce the "orange peel" effect prior to polishing. Polishing also allows for removal of any small paint inclusions when dust falls into the paintwork within the booth. A keen eye is essential in this role, as poor polishing can draw the eye to the repair, through either "swirl marks" in the panel, or through insufficient polishing leading to excessive "orange peel".

Wheel Technicians

These technicians are responsible for the preparation of the wheels in particular. Making sure that the wheels are correctly prepared for painting, be they painted or polished, if they can be done by hand, our wheel technicians will be able to do them!

If any of the above positions have sparked your interest, why not take a look through our current vacancies to see what positions we have available.