Volkswagen’s ID range of electric vehicles will soon benefit from the ability to accept over-the-air updates. 

Both ID.3 and ID.4 cars will be able to take advantage of the new system which looks set to be made available to customers before the summer is out. It’ll provide the ability to accept an update every three months, bringing the very latest software to the vehicle and allowing for more functions and customisation options. 

Ralf Brandstätter, CEO of Volkswagen, said:

Volkswagen is driving forward the digitalisation of its products at pace and is transforming itself into a full-service provider of hardware, software and services. The introduction of Over-the-Air updates is the next important step in our transformation into a tech company and in the development of new business models.

ID models being produced at the moment will arrive with the feature already installed, though customers who have already taken delivery of their car will have to visit a dealer to have the new system fitted. However, from that point onwards it’ll be possible to update the vehicle without having to visit a dealer. 

Volkswagen ID Range

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