2023 Rules & Regulations

With an ever-changing motoring picture, it’s important that the rules and regulations continue to stay up to date.

That’s why there are a number of new rules and changes introduced most years, and 2023 is no different. From new rules on parking to emissions regulations, there are several important changes to get your head around.


Scotland pavement parking ban

While London already has a pavement parking ban in place, other areas of the UK are yet to do the same, despite many campaigning for it to be introduced.

However, Scotland looks set to introduce a similar ban later in 2023 to stop and fine drivers for parking on pavements and dropped kerbs. While agreed in 2019, delays due to the pandemic have prevented it from being introduced, though it’s highly likely to get the green light later this year.

Changes to fuel duty

In March 2022, the then-chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a cut of 5p per litre to fuel duty in a bid to help reduce rocketing petrol and diesel prices.

However, this was only meant to be a temporary measure, and in the Spring Budget on March 2023, fuel duty is expected to return to normal, with the 5p coming to an end. The Office of Budget Responsibility last year said that fuel duty could be increased by 12p per litre, though nothing has so far been put into stone.

Heavy goods vehicles levy payment

The heavier the vehicle, the more likely it is to cause damage to roads and infrastructure, and that’s why there has previously been what’s known as a ‘heavy goods vehicle road user levy’ in place for vehicles weighing 12 tonnes or more. This payment aims to make sure vehicles proportionately contribute to reducing the wear and tear of the road network, and varies according to the vehicle’s weight and size.

However, since August 2020 this has been relaxed to support the haulage segment and aid recovery during and after the covid-19 pandemic. This extension runs out on July 31 though, with the levy set to be reintroduced.

Expanded London ULEZ

The Ultra Low Emissions Zone in London aims to clamp down on heavily polluting vehicles. There are certain emissions standards that cars have to meet to enter the zone, as otherwise vehicles face a daily charge of £12.50.

It was originally only the most central parts of London that it applied to, and it has already been expanded. However, from August 29, 2023, it will be expanded to all London boroughs, which covers the majority of the inside of the M25, and will have a huge knock-on effect on motorists as a result.

New number plates being introduced

While not so much of a law, a regular feature of the motoring year is the introduction of two new registration plates.

The first comes on March 1 when the ‘23’ registration will be introduced, and then later in the year on September 1 comes the ‘73’ number. If you want to drive a car with the latest number plates, it’s worth getting organised ahead of time.


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