The family car is undoubtedly one of the best assets you possess, opening the door to a world of opportunities and adventures. However, its value has been even greater during the lockdown, and it could be the key that injects some positivity into these immensely testing times.

While you may not have been using your vehicle for work purposes recently due to remote-working or furlough, there are still many ways that the car has enhanced life during lockdown.

Here are just eight great ways it has driven you to a more tolerable lockdown.

#1. Drive-In Cinemas

Watching the latest movies at the cinema is usually one of the best wintertime rituals. Unfortunately, this wasn't possible during lockdown. Even now when the doors reopen, the experience will be somewhat diluted by the need to wear masks as well as the restrictions on food and drink. Thankfully, your car can come to the rescue.

drive in cinema

Drive-in cinemas are an American phenomenon that has become an increasingly popular novelty throughout the UK, with summertime and the pre-festive periods standing out as the best time to visit. Some venues will have themed surroundings, others won't. Either way, it's a great date night idea.

#2. Drive Through Animal Adventures

Exploring your local zoo or aquarium wasn't possible during the lockdown restrictions. The indoor venues will be restricted for a long time to come while outdoor adventures won't be too much fun when it's wet and windy. A drive through animal adventure allows you to find a happy solution while also curing your lockdown building.

animals in a zoo

 Better still, the experiences enjoyed are no different to those that you wild experience under normal circumstances. It is the ultimate family day out, especially for those with younger kids. Crucially, it is extremely safe.

#3. Drive Through Christmas Adventures

In any other year, most parents would be planning trips to see Santa Claus around this time of the year. However, the majority of 2020 has been anything but normal. Social distancing means that it will be impossible to sit next to the big man this year while even the elves cannot connect with youngsters in the same way as usual.

Drive through Christmas adventures offer the best alternative at this time, allowing families to keep the magic alive. Santa's Big Drive Thru Adventure in Wrexham is arguably the best attraction to visit in the lead up to the 25th of December. The enchanted forest and elves factory will see little faces light up.

#4. A Personal Sanctuary

While your car allows you to explore new places (Whilst adhearing current guidelines) and enjoy activities in a COVID-safe manner, it should not be ignored that it can also deliver an opportunity to simply gain a few minutes of peace. Whether it's a quick drive around town or sitting on the driveway is entirely up to you.

When spending virtually every second of the day together, it is likely that you will frustrate each other from time to time. A few moments alone in the car rocking out to some music may be the key to preventing arguments and reducing stress levels over the coming weeks. You can make the process more productive by giving the vehicle some TLC.

#5. The Social Media Backdrop

Social media plays a big role in our lives and digital interactions are perhaps even more important now that you can't meet friends in the pub without sitting out in the freezing cold. However, updating your stories with a backdrop of dirty dishes isn't overly appealing. The car offers the versatility needed to keep things fresh and, crucially, not embarrassing. 

Personal holding phone

The backdrop for your videos could be the interior of the car or looking out on the horizons. The peaceful setting additionally ensures that the sound on your videos will be clear for viewers. Whether it's public videos or making a video call to friends and family, your vehicle makes a world of difference.

#6. Drive-By Celebrations

Life doesn't stop for COVID-19, even if it sometimes feels that way. If a friend is having a birthday, there are several ways to show that they are in your thoughts. While video calls and buying gifts are great, there's nothing better than dropping off the presents to their doorstep. It's not quite the same as partying together, but it is better than nothing.

It is safe to talk to them from your car window while they stand on their doorstep. It can be quite an emotional way to share the celebrations while the effort to see them despite not being able to touch is something they'll never forget. And once the lockdown has ended, the car will help you meet up ASAP.

#7. Track Days

While various bucket-list activities are currently off-limits, track days remain a possibility for petrol heads and thrill-seekers alike. Some operators are still running events where you drive a supercar, although there will be cleaning requirements between clients, as well as the need to use a personal helmet.

More commonly, though, drivers will head to Silverstone, Goodwood, or one of the other great tracks to drive their own car. Aside from being safer, it is an ideal way to restore a sense of love for the vehicle, especially if the usual school runs or trips to work have become a little tedious. 

#8. Road Trips

Finally, if driving around a track doesn't appeal, you may find that taking a road trip is a far more appealing prospect. For starters, it is a versatile option that can be enjoyed alone or with your family members or housemates. Moreover, it can be a planned trip or a spontaneous adventure.

The UK is blessed with many great driving roads while the late autumn and early winter sceneries will inject an additional sense of beauty. While the roads aren't exactly empty, they are significantly quieter than usual too, which allows you to truly enjoy the ride. It can also be combined with visiting a national park or another safe attraction. Here at Swansway Group we have a a selection of the Best cars for a road trip.

track day

In short, the car can be your best friend during lockdown and the pandemic. The right vehicle will give you the platform for success now and into 2021.

To discover your dream drive whether that be a new car or used car, get in touch with Swansway Group today!

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