Over the years, the car has attracted a wide variety of owners, often very unlike the image of the ‘typical’ XJ driver. Minder’s Arthur Daley and Inspector Morse are long gone as we welcome the discerning driver in search of luxury and a thrilling ride, all wrapped up in this state-of-the-art Jaguar package.


Who Is The Real Jaguar XJ Driver?

A survey of Jaguar drivers on Jaguarforums.com received comments from drivers aged from 17 to 65, male and female, proving that the Jaguar does in fact appeal to all.

One contributor, who described himself as ‘27 and a proud Jaguar owner’ wrote: “My friends were mocking me till they had a ride in it.

The old man car jokes stopped after the first ride. Now every time we go somewhere as a group they all want me to drive.”

So if you thought a Jaguar was exclusively an ‘old man’s car’, it’s time to think again!

What’s really helping to change the age range of owners is Jaguar’s massive investment in new technology (both under the bonnet and in the cockpit), resulting in a design that appeals to younger drivers as well as savvy Jaguar devotees.

Add to this the availability of competitive and flexible Jaguar financing packages and the XJ becomes an attractive option all round.

So if you’re looking for a quality car with a proud British tradition which, at the same time, will let you stand out from the crowd - whatever your age - the Jaguar XJ deserves a serious look.

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