With the Easter Holidays soon upon us, you might be looking to get your campervan ready for an upcoming trip. Whether you own a Multivan or a Volkswagen California, and intend to spend an extended fortnight on the road or just enjoy a quick camping weekend, you need your campervan to be in perfect shape to enjoy the camping season to the fullest.

2023 Volkswagen Grand California 680


After surviving the harsh winter, your campervan deserves a good cleaning, both interior and exterior. If it's been in storage, don't forget to pay close attention to the kitchen and bathroom areas, making sure sinks, toilets, fridges, and cookers are spotless.


Before setting off, ensure that your leisure battery is fully charged and working. This can be done by simply connecting to a three-pin plug at home. Remember, around 24 hours of charging will ensure peak efficiency.


Was your water tank drained after the last season? If not, a simple cleaning solution can help clean the system for your next trip. Once cleaned and drained, your tank is ready to be filled and put to use.


Open up the roof before you embark on the first camping trip of the season. Ensure it's free from any dampness and debris, allowing for better air circulation inside the campervan. Don't forget to wipe down the rubber seal on the roof to keep it in good condition.


Check your campervans awning before you leave for your trip. Clean it and check for any damage that might have occurred over winter.


If your gas system has been off during winter, make sure it is in good condition and connected properly to the cooker hob. Remember to check the gas levels in your cannister to avoid running out in the middle of your journey.

Volkswagen California Ocean Roof extended with camping set outside

Last but not least, if the camper has been left for a long time, remember to check tyres pressure, screen wash, and oil levels. This ensures a smooth journey without potential problems.

Once your campervan is all set, it's ready to be loaded up with your bedding, personal belongings, and food.

We hope these tips will help you prepare your campervan for your next trip. Happy camping!



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