Do I need a V5C to tax my car?

The Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C), commonly known as the logbook, is an essential document for owning and taxing a car. Whether you've recently purchased a vehicle and are waiting for the logbook to arrive or have misplaced it, understanding the process of taxing a car without a V5 is important. In this Sell 2 Swansway blog post, we will explore the guidelines and steps involved in taxing a car without a V5 in the UK.

As the registered keeper of the vehicle, it is indeed possible to tax a car without a V5. However, you will need to gather a few separate documents to proceed. Firstly, you will require the DVLA V11 reminder, which serves as an essential proof of ownership and taxation eligibility. Additionally, you must have valid proof of a current MOT for the vehicle. These documents are crucial in the absence of a V5 and will be used for taxation purposes.

How do I tax a car without a V5?

Let's explore the necessary actions to take in this situation:

Step 1: Apply for a Replacement V5C

The first step is to apply for a replacement V5C logbook through the official government website. The cost of a replacement is £25, and you can expect the new logbook to arrive within 5 working days. This will provide you with the necessary documentation to proceed with the taxing process.

Step 2: Visit your Local Post Office

To tax a car without a V5, you will need to visit your local Post Office branch. Make sure to bring the following documents: your DVLA V11 reminder, a valid MOT certificate, and, if applicable, a valid GVR or PSVC (if mentioned on your V11). If you live in Northern Ireland, make sure you have a valid paper copy of your certificate of insurance as well.

Step 3: Payment Options

You will need to make the payment for your vehicle tax at your local post office. You can choose from various payment methods, including cash, debit card, or credit card. Additionally, it is possible to set up a Direct Debit arrangement to ensure convenient payment of your vehicle tax in the future.

So, Taxing a Car Without a V5C in the UK is Possible?

Yes, you can tax your car without your log book. You can acquire all the relevant documents at your local post office.

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