New study shows huge increase in those considering an Electric Car.

Around 70 per cent of drivers across Europe are potentially purchasing an electric vehicle as their next car, a new survey has highlighted.

A Nissan study of 7,000 motorists across Europe found that the most popular reason for considering the switch is an environmental one, closely followed by reduced ownership costs.

Those questioned were split evenly between existing EV drivers and those currently using internal combustion engined models. 

Those already driving EVs were very satisfied, with 89 per cent of drivers stating that making the change to an EV was the right decision. Almost three-quarters (74 per cent) felt more relaxed behind the wheel, while 77 per cent found the electric car smoother to drive.

The majority of EV drivers also expressed that the range of their EV is better than expected before they purchased the car.

Arnaud Charpentier, region vice president, product strategy and pricing, Nissan, said:

With this new research, we’re seeing first-hand that European drivers are embracing electrification. Just as they are continuing to explore what electric vehicles have to offer, we are committed to showing them the vast benefits of electric mobility and how easy actually it is to make the switch.

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