Fixed Price Servicing and Maintenance

If your Audi is over three years old, you can service it at a Swansway Audi centre for a fixed price. You can even book in online.

There are a range of servicing and maintenance jobs available – from Interim or Major services, to brake pad replacement and wiper blade changes. And by servicing and maintaining your car from Swansway Audi, you're getting Audi expertise, using the latest equipment, from trained specialists.

Why you should service your Audi

Servicing your Audi ensures that it stays in top condition and keeps it running reliably and efficiently. Without regular checks, existing problems may go unnoticed, which could result in increased repair costs for you.

Getting your Audi serviced means you'll get a stamp in your service book, which can positively affect your car's price if you sell it in the future.

The right service for you

Here at Swansway Audi we offer a Major and an Interim Service. Contact us to confirm the exact service required for your vehicle. We have also done a Comparison to help you understand the differences.

How often you service your Audi depends on your driving style and the service schedule you use. Audi offer two service schedules; the fixed Inspection Service Schedule and the variable LongLife Service Schedule.

Fixed Price Servicing Costs*

2 Litres and under Above 2 Litres
Servicing Servicing
Interim Service £170 Interim Service £203
Major Service £338 Major Service £409
MOT £49.99 MOT £49.99
Maintenance Maintenance
Front wiper blades £42 Front wiper blades £42
Air conditioning service £79 Air conditioning service £79
Cambelt £495 Cambelt £495
Cambelt & Waterpump (excludes A3 e-tron) £649 Cambelt & Waterpump £899
Clutch (non quattro®) £899 Clutch (non quattro®) £899
Clutch (quattro®) £1,059 Clutch (quattro®) £1,099
S tronic Transmission Oil & Filter Change £225 S tronic Transmission Oil & Filter Change £225
Multitronic Transmission Oil Change £199 Multitronic Transmission Oil Change £199
Brake Fluid Change £65 Brake Fluid Change £65
Haldex Oil Filter £109 Haldex Oil Filter £109

* 2 litres and Under prices applicable to Audi A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, Q3 Q5 and TT models. Above 2 litre prices applicable to Audi A3, A4, A5, A6, A8, TT, Q5 and Q7 models. For S, RS and SQ models please enquire for more information.