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Audi Cold Weather Tyres

Once the temperature reaches 7°C, Audi Cold Weather Tyres can both enhance your trip and increase your stopping power. So we recommend making the switch even before you feel a chill in the air.

Benefits of fitting Audi Cold Weather Tyres

Unlike normal tyres, Audi Cold Weather Tyres have a tread compound that doesn’t harden when it falls below 7°C. This reduces your stopping distance and gives you more grip on the road, keeping you and your Audi performing.

Switching to Audi Cold Weather Tyres is recommended in winter. We can help you select your tyres, and help you understand why this switch is important for your safety.

Stopping distances - Cold Weather Tyres vs Standard tyres*

Audi Cold Weather Tyres have more natural rubber than standard tyres, so they remain pliable at low temperatures. Their unique tread patterns are designed to displace water and slush from under the tyre, reducing aquaplaning.

They also have small grooves, called sipes, in the tread block that increase the number of surfaces that can ‘bite’ into the road, giving better grip. With Cold Weather Tyres, braking distances are shorter on wet, snow covered and icy roads.

To find a wheel and winter tyre combination for your Audi please contact your local Audi Centre.

Audi Cold Weather Tyre selector

All Audi Cold Weather Tyres and wheels are ‘Audi Original’, specially developed for each model and manufactured using the very latest materials. There are 38 different sizes of tyre available in our 2016-17 Cold Weather Tyre range, from 16-inch to 20-inch. All tyres are premium brands including Continental, Bridgestone, Dunlop and Goodyear.

Contact us to discover which Cold Weather Tyres are best suited to your Audi.

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* Information sourced from Tyre Safe.