More Than A Test Drive

Personalise Your Test Drive

Crewe Audi realise the importance of a Test Drive when choosing your Audi. This is why we want to make the whole experience as personable as possible.

Make sure you get the most out of your test drive experience by choosing a route that best suits your driving style.

Choose from the four options below and speak to a Crewe Audi Executive who will be happy to ensure you have a fantastic "More Than A Drive" experience.


To book a test drive, please contact Crewe Audi on 01270 416 808 or please make an enquiry.

Short & Simple

A short route that still gives you the opportunity to try out the car of your choice.

Stop & Start

This route is through a built up area with frequent roundabouts and traffic lights.

Complete Experience

This in depth test drive will allow you to experience the car on long straight roads, through urban areas and on roads where you will stop and start frequently.

Easy to Follow

A route with some long straight roads and less traffic than urban areas, allowing you to experience the car at national speed limit in places.