Alfa Romeo Service Plans

Pick out a servicing plan with your next Alfa Romeo and drive with even greater confidence. We bring you a selection of fixed-price plans that make the cost of future services easier to anticipate and budget for.

The current Alfa Romeo car range includes the MiTo and Giulietta. We have the capability to fully service and maintain either model. All service centre technicians received their training directly from the manufacturer, so you can place your trust in our workmanship.

With fixed-price Alfa Romeo service plans typically including labour and parts, you will never be surprised by an unexpected bill. VAT could be reclaimable if you use the car for business, meaning that company owners enjoy an added saving. Prices don’t change with inflation – the amount quoted at the outset remains the same for the duration.

Are Alfa Romeo service plans worth it? Here are 5 features and benefits of buying a Service plan:

  • Inflation-proof servicing – As the price of parts or labour rise you can have piece of mind that your payments won’t. Whatever price you agree with your dealer is secured for the agreed period.
  • No "service cost shock" – Arriving to collect your car after its been serviced, you know that the bill is already settled. what a good feeling!
  • Maintained fuel economy – A vehicle that is serviced properly will run more efficiently. This means you can drive knowing that your vehicle is in top condition for saving fuel.
  • Safety secured – Having your vehicle serviced regularly means that manufacturer-trained technicians will check all key safety areas.
  • Increased resale value – a full service history boosts the trade-in value of your vehicle.

*Prices are all dependent on vehicle and plan required

For more information call our helpful Alfa Romeo team on 01244 560669 to discuss purchasing your Alfa Romeo Service Plan, they will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding service plans.

Buy a Service Plan online for your Alfa Romeo below: