Stelvio Accessories

Turn your Stelvio into a Stellar-vio!

We already know that the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is a pretty eye-catching motor!

But what if we told you that you could turn your notoriety from sound to stunner! Just by selecting a few awesome Stelvio specific accessories.

Choose anything from skid plates to sports pedals to make your Stelvio sparkle inside and out!

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Skid plates and Mud flaps

The underside of your Stelvio is arguably even more important than the topside! 

So you need to ensure you're taking the best care of your Stelvio's underbelly. Our skid plates and mud flaps will make sure your underside remains unscathed by dirt, gravel or mud.

All you need to do now is decide which colour you want yours to be! 

​Glossy Dark Miron - for vehicles with a towbar£280.14​
​Glossy Dark Miron - for vehicles without a towbar£267.00​
​Matt Miron - towbar version£280.14​
​Matt Miron - without towbar£253.98​
​Mud flaps £42.67​

Front Grille

You bought your Alfa Romeo Stelvio to stand out from the crowd. With the iconic front end your Stelvio is instantly recognisable.

So why not make sure the initial impression of your Stelvio says all the right things about you and the rest of your Alfa.

With our range of front grille inserts you can be sure that you make the right impression every time you pull up. Now all you have to do is decide which colour is the most 'you.'

Front grille with carbon insert £481.48
Front grille with Matt Miron insert for Stelvio QV version £192.24
Front grille with Matt Miron insert for Stelvio & Super versions £182.87
Front grille with Glossy Dark Miron insert £179.82

Mirror Caps

Every detail of your Stelvio should be looking as stunning as the last. After all, you didn't buy an Alfa to stick to the shadows

Just the same as your front grille, or even the underside. Your mirror caps should also be looking strong

Which is why our range of mirror caps are perfect for keeping the finer details of your Alfa in fine form. But more than this, our mirror caps will also act as a protective liner against the elements.  

​Carbon fibre £695.95​
​Glossy Dark Miron £94.62​
​Matt Miron£96.52​

Car Mats

Make sure the floor of your Stelvio is as well looked after as the rest of it. 

With our range of mats ​you can be sure your flooring will stay showroom fresh throughout your ownership. Choose from premium mats with either red or silver Stelvio stitching. Or if your lifestyle requires something a little more robust, then we have rubber mats available too. 

​Rubber floor mats £59.60
​Premium carpet mats - silver stitching£68.40
​Premium carpet mats - red stitching£68.40

Start making those necessary additions to your Stelvio now, click the button to let us know what you want. 

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Cargo space organiser

Look after your luggage whenever you decide to get away from it all! 

Our range of cargo area organisers will not only make your life easier when you're packing or unpacking, but they'll also prevent your luggage from rolling around the compartment. 

 Added to our organiser accessories you can also ensure your boot sill remains scratch free when you load and unload the space with a protective mat complete with Stelvio branding. 

​Cargo organiser rails​£101.59
​Cargo organiser eyelets £117.79​
​Cargo organiser adaptive divider£189.40​
​Loading edge protective mat£96.07​
​Cargo area tray with or without sub woofer £55.88​




Nothing says stunning Stelvio like a mean set of alloys.

Right now you can make that shock and awe impression whenever you pull up thanks to our range of amazing alloys.

All you need to do now is pick which set will look best on your baby.

20" alloys Matt Miron £1,281.60
20" alloys Glossy Dark Miron £1,219.10
20" alloys Silver £1,281.60
20" alloys Diamond cut £1,219.10



Dog dividing net

Your pooch and your pride and joy together might be your idea of heaven.

However others may not feel the same way and Fido may prove a midge distracting when you're out on the open road. So why not pop him in the boot and ​grab one of our separation grilles. 

This will keep the dog off your seats and out of your mind when you're at the wheel. 

​Dog's dividing net£184.62​

Roof bars

Planning one of those holidays where the whole family can get out into the great outdoors? Or got a few of you heading for a festival?

Well then you're going to need plenty of storage space! Lucky, then, that our longitudinal roof bars come ready whether you have a sun roof on your Stelvio or not.

​Longitudinal roof bars for sun roof​Glossy black​£249.00
​​Longitudinal roof bars for sun roof​Aluminium £249.00​
​Longitudinal roof bars for closed roofGlossy black​£249.00​
​​Longitudinal roof bars for closed roof​​Aluminium ​£285.85

Cargo nets

An organised storage space means more storage space! So why not get your clutter sorted?!

Our cargo nets, made for the Stelvio, come in two different fixing points. You can choose to fix yours to the luggage compartment floor or the rear seatback.

Boot floor net £50.80
Rear seatback net £71.09


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