Alfa Romeo Mito Accessories

Make your Mito more mighty with our range of excellent accessories

We know that you love your Mito and why wouldn't you!? It's a hatchback with style and elegance included as standard!

But what if we told you, you could, not only, make your Mito even more stylish and elegant, but more suited to you too!

With our range of genuine Alfa accessories you can make your Mito your own personal travelling haven!

First up though, you're probably going to need a Mito. So why not check out the offers we have available right now and take the first step to creating your perfect motor.

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Sticker - £94.69

Get all patriotic with the addition of this sleek ​and tidy Italian flag sticker. 

Mirror Caps 

Take care of the little details with our range of ​mirror caps. Choose from 3 different finishes to find the right one for your Mito. 

​Titanium grey ​£64.52
​Polished chrome​£64.52
​Satin chrome ​£64.52



Sunshades - £217.96

An essential piece of equipment if you want your trips away with the family to be stress-free ones. Or if you want to stay on the good side of your colleagues. Our genuine Alfa Romeo sunshades are perfect for helping you with either of these tasks. 

Not only do they protect against the sun, but they also prevent insects getting in and ruining your day, even when the windows are open, without affecting outward visibility. 


Keep your Mito floor looking as smart as the day you drove it home with our ​protective mats. Just choose whether you want carpet or rubber mats. 

​Rubber mats ​£28.09
​Black carpet mats - Red logo£74.40
​Black carpet mats - silver logo​£80.40

Boot liner - £65.34

Your boot sees some serious action on a daily basis, when you're loading and unloading your bits and pieces it can be easy to cause damage to your material.

With our boot liner, not only can you prevent general wear and tear, but you can also reduce the amount of movement your luggage can get through in transit.





The rest of your Mito will be looking stunning, so you need to ensure that your wheels are completing the look. 

We have a range of Alfa Romeo genuine alloys to choose from​ so that you can get the perfect ones for you, from 16 to 18" and various styles. 

So start expressing yourself now! 

​18" alloys £346.02​
​17" alloys ​£371.52
​16" alloys £309.59​
​Set of 4 18" alloys£1,238.39​
​Set of 4 17" alloys​£1,002.49
​​Set of 4 16" alloys​£943.54

Inox kick plate - £150.00

Complete with the Mito logo, these stunning kick plates not only protect an area of your vehicle that is often overlooked. But they also help to add even more of that sports performance feel to your Mito. 

Tailgate spoiler - £235.88

​The spoiler is synonymous with sports performance and instantly elevates any motor it adorns. So why not push your Mito through the sporty glass ceiling!?

*Does not fit with DAB antenna

Side skirts kit - £342.04

Much like the spoiler, but slightly more overlooked, side skirts are perfect for giving your Mito that sporting edge. Ours are available now and ready to add to your motor. 

Rear bumper sport spoiler - £290.35

Keep adding those stunning sporty elements to your Mito. The rear bumper sport spoiler bulks out the rear of your vehicle to create a stunningly imposing silhouette on the road. 

Exhaust pipe - £100.27

Make a scene of your exhaust. It's the part of your Mito that will really let everyone know you're on your way. So what not make it a statement in itself?!

Mud flaps 

Whether you like the appearance of mud flaps on a vehicle or not, ours should be perfect for you! 

Because they're designed with a tyre tread graphic, you can have all the protective benefits of a genuine Alfa Romeo mud flap, without them being completely on show. 

Car Alarm - £247.69

Add some more peace of mind to owning your Alfa with new volumetric alarm. 

Still workable on your standard remote and coming with a spare remote. This alarm provides protection for your doors, bonnet and boot. 



Net kit - £262.91

Net yourself some great organisational bargains now, with our genuine Alfa Romeo net kit you can have your Mito luggage compartment looking top draw in no time.

Included in the net kit is a boot partition net, a hammock net, a trunk side luggage retaining net and a retaining new for the central tunnel.

So you should have no problem storing any of your luggage or shopping!

Dog guard - £153.34

Your furry companion deserves to be able to ride in ask much space and comfort as you do. 

So with our specially made dog guard your pooch can perch in the back with plenty of space without you having to worry about a canine escape, or an uncomfortable amount of dog featuring on your passengers travel plan. 


If you thought the net kit was all the net we had to offer, then you're dead wrong! 

If you're looking for a more singular approach, or you want to add to your net menagerie then check out our other stocks now. 

​Boot side wall net £43.39​
​Central tunnel net £38.74​
​Retaining net £51.37​


Just because you love the diminutive Mito, doesn't mean that you have to forego any intentions of being able to tow a load. 

With our accessories you can turn your little hatchback into a heavy hauler! 

​Detachable towbar £530.75​
​7 pin connection cable £224.60​
​Connection cables£237.80​


Seen something you like? Great, you can find out any more information you want about our accessories range now by giving our team a call on 01244 883008 ​, or enquire online now by clicking the button below 

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