Abarth Warranty and Servicing

When you buy an Abarth car, you immediately benefit from a service designed to ensure safer travelling and keep unforeseen expenses at bay.

Vehicle warranty

The purchase price of your new Abarth car includes a 24 month Pan European Warranty that starts from the first date of registration and has no mileage limits.

The Warranty ensures coverage for your vehicle against manufacturing defects, which will be resolved free of charge using original or reconditioned parts.

Operations under Warranty are carried out by Abarth Service Centres and include:

  • Repair or replacement of the faulty component
  • Manpower needed for the replacement or repair
  • Supply of consumable materials needed to carry out the repair under Warranty

For the duration of the vehicle Warranty, you also have the benefit of 12 months roadside assistance.

In addition to the standard manufacturers 24 month warranty UK customers also benefit from a further 12 month dealer warranty, third-year dealer warranty enjoys the same level of cover as the two year warranty and enjoys the same unlimited mileage.

Paintwork warranty

The vehicle is guaranteed against manufacturing defects in the paintwork for a period of 36 months from the first date of registration. The Warranty provides for the total or partial repainting of the Vehicle to eliminate any manufacturing anomaly determined, according to the Manufacturer's standard conditions.

Anti-perforation warranty

The structural elements of the bodywork are guaranteed against perforations caused by rust, when it occurs from the inside out.

The Warranty provides for the repair and/or replacement of any original, bodywork structural element damaged by perforating rust and is valid for 8 years from when the vehicle is first registered.

We advise you to check the specific conditions of your cover in your warranty booklet.


Scheduled servicing

All vehicles require regular servicing.

Fiat group have therefore designed a scheduled service plan for each model, this is necessary to safeguard the operating conditions and efficiency of its products.

Compliance with the Scheduled Servicing Plan instructions means optimising your vehicle's performance and fuel consumption and, during its life, ensures respect of laws and regulations on emissions and pollution, keeping it in suitable conditions to pass the periodic inspections required by law.

Servicing advice

Mopar® recommends a range of services and checks, depending on your car's mileage.

Refer to the Owner Handbook to get specific recommendations for your car.

Owner handbook

Lost your car’s Owner Handbook or Warranty Manual?

You can browse it in electronic format on eLum, the official Fiat Group Automobiles website containing the Warranty Manuals and Owner Handbooks for your Abarth Vehicle.

If you would like anymore information, give us a call on 01244 432478 .