To ensure perfectly efficient brakes and safe driving conditions, it is recommended that you have the wear and tear of your brake pads and discs checked regularly, to verify the efficiency of the entire braking system. Make the most of your seasonal Check Ups and set off with peace of mind.

The wear times for brakes can vary, depending on several factors:

  • Journey type (urban, extra-urban, motorway)
  • Driving style
  • Vehicle weight

To maintain the durability of your brake discs, you should have the pads regularly checked. This is also important because if the pads wear out, there is a risk that the disc may be scratched, causing irreparable damage.

When travelling downhill, use engine braking as far as possible, to avoid the system overheating.

Should you need to replace your rear brake pads, it is recommended that you replace the front ones too, to ensure your braking is always optimal.

To book your car in for replacement brake pads or discs, please contact Swansway Chester Abarth on 01244 752540, or please make an enquiry.