Our Abarth experts recommend that your air conditioning unit should be checked annually. Our manufacturer technicians can offer both an antibacterial cleanse and a full air conditioning service. The cleanse consists of a complete operational check of the system, removing any odours, killing any bacteria and includes a replacement pollen filter (if required).

Upgrading to a full service will add a complete check for leaks, replace the refrigerant, ensure the gas is at the correct temperature and check effective operation of the cooling fan.

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Air Conditioning Cleanse

  • ​Check the operation of the heater controls
  • Check the internal blower speeds
  • Check the condition of the pollen filter and replace if required
  • Check the evaporator drain
  • Check the condition of the drive belt
  • Purging the system of unpleasant odours and bacterial growth using an airborne treatment

Available from £29.99 inc. VAT​

​Air Conditioning Service

This service includes all of the items in the Air Conditioning Cleanse as well as the following:

  • ​​Check air conditioning system for leaks
  • Drain and renew refrigerant gas
  • Check temperature of refrigerant gas
  • Check cooling fan operation 

Available from £89.99 inc. VAT​

To book your Abarth in for either an air conditioning cleanse or an air conditioning service, please call us on 01244 569993 or, alternatively:

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