Abarth Accessories 

Turn even more heads with these simple Abarth additions! 

We love a beautiful Abarth, they're extremely easy on the eye and offer superb performance in a powerful body.

But what if we told you, you could take the looks of your awesome Abarth into overdrive? You'd definitely want to wouldn't you?! After all, you can grab some greats deals with our new Abarth offers

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Personalize your 595

Side Stripes

Add to the sporty looks of your Abarth with the addition of these awesome side stripes.

Available in either red, black or white you can really start to turn heads!


Aluminium oil and fuel caps

​Keep adding those sporty touches all over your Abarth with our accessories. 

Even your oil and fuel caps can have the sports treatment, so you're dripping in performance from roof to tyre! 

​Oil and fuel caps£165.38​
​Individual oil cap£129.82​

Parcel shelf 

Now even your parcel shelf can have a taste of the high life.

Choose from either the Competizione or Turismo styling and then benefit from a stunning rear storage area


Key Covers

Personalizing your Abarth doesn't have to stop at the vehicle you could take it one step further and ensure your keys are looking super sharp too.

Choose from either Race or Speed Design with no difference in cost

​Race design £52.56​
​Speed design£52.56​


Carbon Fibre mirror caps

​Add some super sharp mirror caps to your Abarth. 

These carbon fibre caps reinforce that racing look and reduce the overall weight of the car, so you can enjoy better performance. 

​Mirror caps£1,062.00​

Carbon fibre Pillars set - £1,384.80

Commit to that racing look with the addition of this carbon fibre pillars set.

This set is exactly what you need to continually turn heads whenever you roll past. 

​Pullars set£1,384.80​

Seat belts - Black FRAU 

Choose from either "Black FRAU Leather" or "Formula 1" design for your elevated seat belts.

The Black FRAU option is leather mixed with perforated alcantara & white seat shell. Whereas the Formula 1 design benefits from technical black fabric with red stitching and white seat shell.

​Black FRAU £3,360.00​
​Formula 1​£2,251.18


Choose how you would like to store your equipment with either our nets pack or our holding nets.

Turn your rear seats into the perfect organised storage space with the nets pack. Or better utilize your luggage compartment with a set of two nets. 

​Nets kit £51.36​
​Holding nets£56.54​



Morpar Connect - £240.00

Make your phone your car's best friend! With Morpar Connect and the Uconnect Live App you have a dedicated car assistance system. 

Not only does the service allow you to keep track of your car, but it also acts as support should you need roadside assistance. In addition to the practical values, Morpar Connect also allows you to use your phone as a remote to check your cars statistics like fuel level, tyre pressure and remind you where you parked! 

If Morpar is the practicality behind the Abarth multimedia accessories, then the USB pack definitely provides the aesthetics. With this pack of three USBs you get Apple CarPlay, Android Auto or Tipo C cable to ensure your car touchscreen reflect your phone's interface. 


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Make sure your Abarth's material always remains showroom fresh with our range of carpets

Quick install carpet mat set £202.32
4 piece set with double fastening (Velcro + 2 screw anchors) manual transmission £179.16
4 piece set with double fastening (Velcro + 2 screw anchors) automatic transmission £179.16
4 piece carpet mats (Velcro + 1 screw fixing) £85.22
4 carpet mats (velcro + 2 fixing point). automatic transmission. £57.60
4 carpet mats (velcro + 2 fixing point). For version with manual transmission. £78.12
Carpet mat set with white leather insert £300.08
Abarth 595 carpet mat set with brown leather insert £185.46
Abarth 595 carpet mat set with black leather insert £185.46


Stay Safe out there! ​

Not all of our accessories are just here to make your car look good.

We've also got ones that will help keep you out of harm's way. We have snow chains available for 17" Abarth 595 Competizione wheels.

Or, if the worst should happen and you end up at the side of the road out Abarth Safety & Utility Kit should be enough to keep you safe. 

​595 Competizione 17" snow chains£338.56​
​Abarth safety and utility kit​£85.22


Keep it sporty! ​


Your Abarth will have those awesome sporty looks so why not make sure it performs the way it looks with these additions! 

​Abarth Brembo braking system£2,460.00​
​Dual stage record Modena exhaust pipe​£1,628.98
​Record Monza exhaust system​£1,680.00
​Elaborazione 180HP power upgrade​£1,860.96*
​Elaborazione 160HP power upgrade​£1,415.28
​Elaborazione kit 595​£2,100.00
​Abarth Koni suspension kit ​£1,353.34

*not available MY19 

Easy Fit Accessories 

Want your Abarth to look sportier without the hassle of being without your car whilst the accessories are fitted? Check out these awesome easy fit pieces

​Alutex sport pedals​£252.79
​Carbon sports pedals​£238.80
​Aluminium sports pedals​£212.45
​Kickplates: Alutex​£175.25
​Kickplates: Carbon​£236.66


Make sure your Abarth is looking at its best whatever the weather with our alloy wheel kits. 

​17" winter alloy wheel kit: gloss black£1,714.43​
​16" winter alloy wheel kit: gloss black​£1,551.16
​Alloy wheels Esseesse: Titanium​£2,472.00
​Alloy wheels Esseesse: White​£2,472.00


Make sure you take care of the finer points when you're sporting-up your Abarth.

Gearknob: Alutex £188.24
Gearknob: Carbon Fibre £188.24
Gearknob: Aluminium £113.63


Our range of awesome Abarth accessories doesn't end there.

If you have a 124 Spider and want to make it more suited to your lifestyle, or you're thinking about getting one but just aren't sure. then why not check out our range of Spider accessories now too!

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