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SEAT Specialists in Motability

At Crewe SEAT, we understand that your car can be so much more than just a car.

An extension of your lifestyle, freedom to travel and a symbol of independence, it's so important to find the ideal car which suits you and your driving style.

As part of Swansway Group, it's our duty to assist our customers in making this happen, and to ensure the most tailored approach to doing so, we have our designated Motability Specialists ready and waiting to talk you through the details. You may be torn between a few models, or unsure of which drive appeals to you most, but we're here to help. We encourage our customers to test drive as many vehicles as they're able, and to take as long as they like in making their decision. Our specialists are here at every step of the way to advise you, because it's not just about finding a car, it's about finding the right car.

So, let's put a face to a name.

Meet Paul 

New Home owner, recently engaged and keen gardener, Paul has ​been with Swansway's Crewe SEAT for just over two years. Recognised by his signature quiff and beard, Paul is a character who you'll want to see time and time again. With previous experience in Automotive, Paul came to Crewe SEAT ready to impress his customers. Known for his sense of humour and belly-laugh, he's keen to make his customers laugh, and is always telling stories of his experiences. 

On a test drive, Paul is flawless. He allows his customers to take their time, and offers a variety of routes to mirror the most similar driving style his customers regularly take. His calm and precise manner is ideal for those unsure of which model to choose, and works by asking his customer questions about them, their lifestyle and their driving to narrow down the search for their next car. After that, it's over to the customer.

Paul knows just how to make his customers feel appreciated. His attention to detail is second to none, and he always tailors his approach to each individual customer to make them feel comfortable and at ease. Paul's thoughtfulness is highly regarded at Crewe SEAT, by customers and staff. He looks for the minute details and always works to make the handover day an extra special one. 

As a Motability Specialist, Paul is keen to make his customers feel welcome and at home. Choosing a new car is a big decision, so let's make sure we find the perfect one.

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