Honda NSX


Honda NSX

A new breed in every sense

The NSX connects you to the road like no other. It’s a refined breed of supercar, precise in every detail, which combines real-world driving with blistering track performance. The engine is a turbocharged, 3.5-litre V6. It's built by the hands of one of six master builders, stage by stage, over five days. It's this human touch that brings the NSX to life.

The NSX Generation

Unequalled sports hybrid performance – it’s the perfect balance of power and handling.

Artistry in aluminium​

The NSX is a perfect balance of form and function.The combination of an aluminium chassis with carbon fibre core floor panels and ultra-high-strength steel, creates a lightweight, rigid assembly.​ The chassis is crafted in a way that provides strength to areas that need it, while leaving hollow lighter sections to those that don't. This manufacturing process is a world first in the automobile industry. It's the very soul of the NSX.

The NSX inhales air through the Total Airflow system for high performance and to cool the powertrain components, the brakes and thermal units. The air is then exhaled through strategically positioned vents at the rear to minimise drag.

Perfectly formed. The aerodynamic lines of the NSX create a strong presence on the road and maximise downforce at high speeds.

Electrifying performance

Your mind and body will feel wired to the car.

The response from the NSX is instant – think about turning and it turns; it'll become an extension of your own will.

Chassis rigidity, tuned suspension and precise weight distribution combined with the Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive system will leave your heart thumping after just one lap on the track.

The beauty of performance

A harmony of sport and luxury. It’s not just the performance of the NSX that will make your heart beat faster. The stunning sports interior, which puts you at the very nerve centre of the NSX, will set your pulse racing too.

Dynamic Mode Control: The driver-centred cockpit puts you at the very heart of the NSX driving experience. You’re instantly connected to a selection of four different dynamic driving modes.

With four different driving modes at your fingertips, you can tune the NSX to suit your mood.

Quiet Mode: Silent running when you need it. The NSX can run quietly on electric power alone over short distancesSport Mode: Select this setting and you’ll get the perfect balance of sound from the V6 engine, along with perfectly tailored performance for driving on normal roads.Sport+ Mode: This is where things get really serious. This level stiffens up the steering and provides quicker shifting through the Dual Clutch Transmission – it’ll encourage you toward the NSX’s red line.Track Mode: Here’s where the NSX reveals its racing DNA. With the sport hybrid system working to its full capacity, you’ll experience spine-tingling acceleration, cornering and braking: Go, stop and turn. Point the NSX to where you want it to go, and it goes.

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