What We Look For In Our Employees

At Swansway we look for people who embody our values; Caring, Honest and Proud.

The family culture of Swansway defines the business and defines its employees. While skills are important, we focus much more on the person, how that person will integrate with our culture and whether it will suit them, just as much as whether they will fit the job role.

All of us spend many hours out of our week at work, it’s therefore vital that we employ those people who will embrace and engage with our culture; as much for the candidate’s benefit as for our own; no one wants a permanent ‘Monday morning feeling’.

So how do we identify a Swansway person?

In many ways our values of caring, honest and proud make it easy for us to spot a candidate who shares our culture.

  • A Swansway person will attend for interview, smart, well turned out and fully prepared, because they care about, and take pride in their appearance; they care about the first impression they create.
  • A Swansway person is enthusiastic, eager to engage with the interviewer, keen to share their knowledge and ideas, proud and passionate about their work.
  • A Swansway person will be honest in their CV; where they lack skills they will say so, at the same time demonstrating their willingness and enthusiasm to learn those new skills.
  • A Swansway person cares about doing a good job, they take pride in delighting their customers; they are proactive in problem solving and are careful never to over-promise and under-deliver.
  • A Swansway person will, be honest and diplomatically tell it like it is, they won’t hide behind facts and issues, they are keen to be open and transparent.
  • A Swansway person actively engages with their colleagues and respects their point of view, whilst remaining honest and true to their own opinions.
  • A Swansway person is proud of a job well done and derives real satisfaction from an honest day’s work.

Rewards and Benefits

We know how important it is to reward and encourage our staff for their hard work.  Learn more about the benefits of working at Swansway Group.​

This government led scheme allows us to loan our employees bikes and associated safety equipment as a tax free benefit.

We run a number of sales incentives throughout the year; rewarding high performance with financial or experience style benefits. We've been horse racing, to track days and go-karting!

Every year we fund the cost of flu jabs for our employees; the jabs take place on site to ensure everyone who wants one has access to them.

A 'Car Benefit Scheme'; depending on your length of service, the scheme is available for yourself or for use by a family member or friend. We also offer a number of 'friends and family' discounted sales offers throughout the year.

We understand the value of recognising our employees for their hard work, o ask our employees to nominate a colleague who they think has done an exceptional job. The winners are invited to afternoon tea as a thank you.

Every manager's (and director's) door is quite literally, always open to every employee. This policy has encouraged open communication, feedback and discussion throughout the business.

Annual dinner for employees who have worked for us for 5 years or more. As well as scrumptious food and great entertainment, employees who have reach a 5 or 10 year milestone receive a Silver or a Gold pin as recognition.

We want our employees to have a happy and healthy work-life balance, and offer a competitive holiday allowance which increases with length of service.

Manufacturer specific training and tailored in-house personal development programmes. We recruit for attitude and develop your skills as you need them.

Flexible working employees work for us! We are always happy to discuss proposed changes to employees' working hours and provided those changes fit with our business needs we will do our best to accomodate them.

All our employees and their families are invited to our annual Family Fun Day. Whilst we can't guarantee the weather, there's fun for all the family whatever your age.

To say thanks to our employees who have been with us for over a year we give them the day off on their birthday!

We love supporting the local community as well as our employees, so whenever our employees are raising money for charity, we'll donate an additional £100 to their chosen cause.

We always strive to conduct our activities to the highest standards, but occasionally things may go wrong. Our existing procedures are supported by an independent and confidential hotline service which is available to all employees. 

For qualifying employees, along with your contribution, we contribute 1% of your total gross pay each month. Qualifying employees will also benefit from the Company Life Assurance scheme which provides four times basic annual salary.

Let Us Help You Develop Your Career

Whatever direction you want your career to go in, we try and help you get there.

We are passionate about empowering our employees and we understand that everyone wants to be recognised for the hard work they do.

John Smyth said: "We very much work on the principle that if you work hard for us, we'll work hard for you".

If you're interested about building a career at Swansway Group, please check our latest vacancies.